What do the holidays bring in? Extended family, friends, out of towners etc. You want to show off your home to them and not have to say the common phrase of “Sorry, it’s messy”. It can be hard to manage all the party planning and clean at the same time. However, your home does not need a deep clean, it may just need a few pick-me-ups throughout.

Here is some advice from us. Working in real estate means we know all about making great first impressions and how to stage homes so that they are appealing to everyone. These tips will help get your home ready to be complimented.



Remember the 60-second rule: that’s all the time you have to create a good first impression! Mow the lawn, rake leaves, trim trees and shrubs that keep light out of the house and remove dead plants. Pick up tools, garbage cans, hoses, toys, and building materials and store them neatly in a storage area.

You do not have to go all out for outdoor decorating. Keep it simple with putting some white Christmas lights up, put tree branches in pots, and use winter items like sleds and ice skates for porches. Usually, simple decor will make a better impression than flashy lights and plastic figures.


Use bright light bulbs in the foyer and throughout the house. Fill the house with a pleasant aroma, such as cinnamon or vanilla. Avoid candles in this area because they could be knocked over. Make sure you have a plan of where the coats should go. A guest bedroom or closed off office is perfect if your home does not have a coat closet.


Again, keep decor simple. Open all curtains, and replace them if they are getting old. Add lamps and lighting if the house is dark. Set out fresh flowers. Rearrange or remove furniture to make your rooms look more spacious. Too much furniture and too many knick-knacks make rooms look cluttered and small. One or two decorative items per surface are plenty, so pack the rest away.


These rooms should sparkle! Clear off counters, and clean all appliances and fixtures. Scrub the floors and walls. Clean these rooms thoroughly, and be sure they smell fresh. Add holiday soaps and hand towels to spice up the room.


Take those things to Goodwill that you’ll have to discard anyway, and the Holidays are a time for giving! Organize shelves and straighten shoes.

Now you have a good start to a fun and successful Holiday Party. Don’t forget to relax and enjoy being around friends and family during this time. Reflect and appreciate the beauty in all that you have. It’s a wonderful life!