Wondering what to give out as a gift that is not the same lotion and body spritz bundle or the typical wine bottle?

This year think chocolate! Today, Americans eat an average of 11 pounds of each year. So giving a fellow chocolate lover chocolate this speciality chocolate is the perfect match.


Wm. Chocolate not just any chocolate that is mass produced. There is a story behind a new chocolate factory in town.

Wm. Chocolate that is one of a kind. William Marx has launched his bean-to-bar business. This means that he gets his cocoa beans directly from their origin and completes the process on his own. He also avoids using additives, fillers, and refined sweetness for the purest chocolate.

Not only is his chocolate local, but it is ethically sourced. There are many issues with the way chocolate today is mass produced including unfair wages and child labor. Because Marx sources it himself, he can make sure that he makes a fair trade.


Marx started making chocolate in his kitchen for fun from raw cocoa beans to the end product. He has high expectations for the chocolate he eats and wanted to create a chocolate that met his standards.

He realized his potential for selling his product from raving fans. Currently, he is partnered with Underground Food Collective.


The Cocoa that Marx buys comes from many different origins. The names of the chocolate reflect where the cocoa came from. Marx’s mission is to make a nutritious and ethically sourced chocolate and also to share the vast amount of flavors that exist in cocoa because of varying locations.

There is no direct relationship with the growers now, but that is something that Marx looks to accomplish in the future. The importer that he uses is Chocolate Alchemy, one of premium importers that support the bean-to-bar movement in the U.S.



Chocolate starts from the Cocoa bean. The beans grow in tropical rainforests on a tree. Forty or so beans are inside a shell that is hard and shaped like a football. When the pod is ripe, it will be harvested by workers. The beans are removed and ferment for 2 to 7 days to remove pulp, stop sprouting, and adds much wanted chocolatey flavor. The beans are dried next and then get shipped usually to factories.

At the factories, the beans are sorted to remove unwanted materials, roasted to develop flavor and remove acids, and cracked to get rid of the husks. Winnowing removes the husk material.

Now called nibs, the material is grinded, then counched. It is now smooth and liquidity. Next, the liquid is tempered by cooling and heating to make it shiny. Now it is ready to eat! It gets put into molds to chill and then get packaged.


The long process makes you appreciate the chocolate even more. The fact that Marx does each step himself makes his product even more special. The time that it takes to do each step and the attention that Marx gives to the process truly leads to a perfect bar of chocolate.

Looking for something even more special? They make custom chocolate! Contact Wm Chocolate for more information.

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